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Changing the Landscape of My Vocabulary

"If you have made up your mind to be cheerful, nothing can make you unhappy." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda "We must believe in the power and strength of our words. Our words can change the world." ~ Yousafzai Malala "If you are angry when you are doing something, even if you speak of peace,  you are actually engaged in war." ~ The Venerable Pomnyun Sunim Choose your words every morning, as you would choose the clothes you wear. "God has given me the power to change my ways." ~ Mechtild of Magdeburg In the last several weeks, I have made a practice of meticulously observing my language. What am I saying - both consciously and unconsciously? I have also worked to replace not so subtle negative or limiting thoughts with an affirmation expressing the exact opposite of these thoughts and words. It is said, and I have read this in so many places recently - and was also just reminded of it by a friend a week ago - th

The Blood Moon and the Magnificent Journey

The Blood Moon awakens me with a start... It is a moon evoking and heralding transformations, and endless possibilities - and inviting the manifestations of our most deeply held dreams... I go out but do not see it - it remains hidden, but I am drenched in its energy nonetheless.... It is a time of so much tumultuous change, and inner shifting, and I have certainly experienced my share... I am barely back a week from walking the beaches on the gulf side of Florida - grounding my feet in fine white sand and aimlessly treading through the warm water in the company of dear ones... I even manage to nestle up really close to a rare yellow crowned night heron that allows me to take his picture without even flinching... I listen - listen deeply and process messages received and decide to speak my truth in a way that is needed... I don't know where it has landed - or even if it has - but I know that I have released what held my heart deeply captive while at the same time inviti