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You Are Not Alone

Recently I reassured someone close to me, that every single person and family has their travails and sorrows. No one is without drama. But it is how we deal with it all that matters... We are not alone in our experiences, and - w e have a choice in how we decide to respond to any given situation, always... And the thing is, we are ultimately always responsible for our choices.No one else is... If truth be told, despite whatever we may think, I cannot change your life - and you cannot change my life... We can however, help each other through transitions - if we are open to receiving what is being offered... I shared some of this in my meditation group today. Everyone nodded and shared their own version of the same story... We are not alone in this life. That is very comforting... I believe we are supported in ways seen and unseen. I cannot imagine what and where I would be without this feeling and deep belief. All we have to do is slow down and listen. And ask for the what

Numbers Speak

The last few months have been stressful and fraught with all sorts of tensions and drama. I suspect many can say that it has been the same for them. I have always been interested in numerology, and I often see numerical patterns or sequences such as 11:11 or 12:12, 2:22, and so forth. Each one of these sequences has a unique meaning.  But we also have special combinations of numbers that speak only to us, and that only we see and recognize.  Mine is 10:17.  Often, throughout the course of the day, I might see different sequences several times. In fact, recently I wrote about seeing 11:11 on my dashboard as I was stopped at a red light. And lately, I am seeing patterns constantly, because I have definitely needed more reassurance than most times. So why are numbers important?  They are a reminder that we are not alone. That our loved ones who have passed, or angels, or beings on the other side are looking out for us. Recently, within a 12 hour period, I saw the same sequen

A Season for Changes

It is a time for changes... It is a time for different seasons... The spring season is here, or at least it is trying to make its way into our hearts and lives... I have spent months out of sorts for many reasons, but those reasons need not be explored any more than I have already have... I hear the birds outside, happily singing, and reminding me that change is always possible... I reflect over and over again on so many failings on my part, realizing that each and every one of them is an invitation to grow. These failings hold up the mirror to where I need to do the work. And with whom... I begin again... I put one foot in front of the other, and try to remember that this is a gift denied to many. This day is a luxury many do not have... There is always room for change... There is always room for growth... It is always a time for change... I decide to make small changes today - just simple design changes to my social media platforms. I wish t