Silence is a River of Grace

Today, I received a video on the miraculous and healing properties of water, and I could not help think about the role the river has played in my life.

Yesterday, after teaching my morning class, which was a sheer delight, I stole away for half an hour to go to the river and paddle for a short while. It was breezy and crisp, and the sky was a brilliant blue without a cloud in it. A dear friend of mine referred to it as a Santa Fe sky. I thought of it as a Montana sky myself.

The surface of the river was covered with small and delicate waves making an intricate weaving and they seemed to be literally dancing into each others arms. I could also see streams of visible currents melting and merging into each as well.

I thought of the Danish proverb:

"He knows the water best
that has waded through it."

I also thought of the line from Marcome's song, "The River of Life:"

"When I look in the ripples
I can be all the love that I feel..."

It was breathtakingly beautiful out on the river, clean and wide - blue and as clear as I've seen it all year. I could discern streaks of yellow here and there, hidden among the trees and its leaves that will soon burst into a radiant bouquet of colors...

Today, I walked the labyrinth. I was to walk with a friend who was a little under the weather, but instead it was mine to experience all alone. I gave gratitude for so much and enjoyed its silent stillness. I thought of these words that I read last night, and "tweeted" today, by Macrina Wiederkehr:

"Silence is like a river of grace
inviting us to leap unafraid
into its beckoning depths."

I gave thanks for the opportunity to explore silence daily, and the many gifts it bestows. I gave thanks for the many miracles life offers us daily, but which we sometimes overlook...And then, I drove home, with a grateful heart...


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