Trust Your Inner Guidance

It is such a simple lesson. Trust yourself. Trust your inner guidance. But how often do we do this? Really?

My experiences yesterday with a very dear friend - and two other subsequent conversations with souls who are also dear to me - affirmed what I had been sensing and feeling about some directions to take in my life. But I didn't trust my own intuitions, until they were mirrored back to me. And really, I do know better!

My favorite quote by the poet Rumi is one I often share with my students over, and over again. Right now, I am feeling that these simple verses are inviting me to really listen to its very compelling exhortation, so that I can then embody it, and shine out its message to others:

"The whole universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself!"

I am a microcosm of the macrocosm! There is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it! And thus this morning, I find these quotes in my email inbox, once more, giving me exactly what I need:

"I never know what the next lesson is going to be,
because we're not supposed to know;
we're supposed to trust ourselves to discover it."
~ Melody Beattie

"I trust so much in the power of the heart and soul;
I know the answer to what we need to do next
is in our hearts.
All we have to do is listen,
then take that one step further
and trust what we hear.
We will be taught what we need to learn."
~ Melody Beattie

"Ultimately, we must learn to trust ourselves.
When we do this intimately and intelligently,
the world opens full of meaning before us.
We find that we ourselves are the doorway
to a fathomless understanding of the source of life itself.
We need only to learn to walk through it."
~ James Thornton

How deeply do you trust your inner guidance? How deeply do you listen?

Trust what is best for you, gather information, ask for assistance, but in the end, you are the only expert in your life. Listen to your soul. Listen with all your heart. What is it that your whole being says "yes" to?

Listen for that, and then follow your inner guidance.

As I shared with a dear friend and student last week, ask to be shown the way. Ask to be shown clearly. And then listen. And trust your inner guidance. I am only sharing what I myself, need to work on!


Jane said…
Thanks Olga! Just what I needed to hear!
Jane Nichols
Olga Rasmussen said…
I think it is one many of us needed to hear - especially me! Blessings to you!
Anonymous said…
時間的銳齒能吃盡一切,唯獨對真理無能為力。 ..................................................

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