Teaching What We Need to Learn

I invited my students to take a deeper foray into the theme we have been developing and fleshing out so far this session. The first week, I asked them to connect more deeply to the wisdom of their hearts, so that in the second week, they could more freely ride, the currents of grace...

In the third week, I invited them to ride these currents even more so, by stepping into the flow, so they could be danced in the dance, and embraced in a delicious fluidity, becoming a meditation in motion...

And this week, I asked my lovely garden of yoginis to come to their mats, surrender - and invite the Shakti - or Divine energy into their lives by simply repeating to themselves, over and over again, throughout the practice, "Come dance with me!"

I shared with them, that I was not asking them to do anything I had not been willing to do or explore myself. And throughout the course of the week, I witnessed every one of my students step into the current of grace, as they were led in the dance - and each and every one did several handstands - where none had been achieved before - or in some cases - not even attempted...

It was a beautiful thing to behold - each experience more sacred than the next. I witnessed some women who believed this would never happen for them - step into the rich currents of grace and dance with the Shakti - with the Divine - upside down for the first time in their lives!

I will not see my students next week, as I will be at the Anusara Yoga Certified Teacher's Gathering in North Carolina - a veritable "love-fest" of sorts. I will get to see some folks I have not seen all year. But I encouraged them to continue to enter into the dance, but by inviting the Divine, the Universal, whatever they resonated with - into their lives first...

After teaching today, I reflected on the many emotional moments that occurred as some of my students stepped into the dance and their own power. I told them - if you can do this - you can do anything.

I shared with them how I struggled with this pose for years on my own - without anyone to coach me - or encourage me - until I found the right teachers who cared enough to help me succeed and grow. This is what I have received within the Anusara Yoga community. And I vowed that I would do and give nothing less to my own students.

Years ago, I learned, we teach what we need to learn. And so it is, that lately, every thing I have been asked to do - classes or workshops - and every student that has come to me - has a lesson for me - perhaps amplifying something I need to work on - and the lessons spill into all areas of my life.

I invited my students to not only step onto their mats and say - "Come dance with me!" But, I also asked them to consider doing this off the mat as well - in every project they undertook, in every moment of difficulty, or conflict, or challenge - in their meditation or prayer - in every aspect of their lives. For truly - what happens on the mat is a metaphor for our lives - and the insights we gain there affect all the other areas of our lives as well...

Go forth today - and every day - and invite the Divine into every aspect of your life - by simply saying - "Come dance with me!" And then, as St. Francis de Sales exhorted, back in the 17th century - "Be who you are - and be that well!" In so doing, you will teach others, what you need to learn.


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