Morning Ruminations on Forgiveness

I am now halfway into teaching the short course on the Yoga of Forgiveness at Willow Street Yoga Center. But really, it is more about its facilitation, because we are all ultimately, teachers and students to one another. And of course, as teachers, we simply teach what we need to know and learn...

Yesterday, I shared these words from a poem titled, "Forgiveness," written by Gerald Jampolsky, MD, and they simply took my breath away...I found myself reflecting on them over, and over again...

I have much more to share about this course, but it must wait for now...

I offer these powerfully searing words, which are feeding me at the moment, as morsels to feed your own soul and heart, throughout this day, and the remainder of this week. May you masticate them and extract from them whatever it is that you need...

It is never too early
to forgive.
It is never too late
to forgive.

How long does it take
to forgive?

It depends on your belief system.

If you believe it will never happen,
It will never happen.

If you believe it will take six months,
It will take six months.

If you believe it will take but a second,
That's all that it will take.

I believe with all my heart
That peace will come to the world
When each of us takes the
Responsibility of forgiving everyone.
Including ourselves, completely.


Julie Taylor said…
Aaah....a delicious poem; it is both timely and relevant to an issue at the forefront of my brain today. I will digest this one slowly. Thanks! Blessings to you!

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