Happiness and Blessings

I have been reflecting more on the relationship between offering blessings and happiness - and trying to embody these, in my actions and deeds as best as I can. As often happens when we focuses our thoughts on a particular subject - we draw more of the same into our energy field - so that everything we read or encounter reminds us of its importance.

This morning, as I read a post by Marianne Williamson on Facebook - and the inspirational poem and newsletter that arrives in my inbox every morning, I found that all three had a word of wisdom for me - and so I share them with you today:

"Happiness is the spiritual experience
of living every minute with love,
grace, and gratitude."
~ Denis Waitley

"Each day, we must learn again how to love,
between morning's quick coffee
and evening's slow return."
~ Barbara Crooker

"Five minutes meditating in the morning
literally blesses your entire day.
It expands time, calms your nervous system,
restores your cells, and makes forgiveness easier
because it opens the heart.
It interrupts the ego's proclivity for attachment and defense,
and retrains your attitudinal musculature
and delivers you into inner peace.
Plus, it's free.
Now our excuse for not doing it
is what, exactly?"
~ Marianne Williamson

Go out and enjoy your day, and put these into practice!


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