I Arise in the Morning and Receive

I arise in the early morning, compelled by the sweet urgings of a dream, that enlightens me as to how to begin a magnificent Sunday morning...

It is cool, and quiet, and before making my way to the other side of the river, on the day before Labor Day, directed by a dream to visit the yoga teacher I studied with for three years but have not visited in nearly two, I am profoundly inspired by three verses that ford the rivers in my heart, and offer sweet guidance for the day...

"I rise to taste the dawn
and find that love
will shine today."
~ Ken Wilber

"There is morning light
inside of you,
waiting to burst open."
~ Rumi

"Arise, and drink your bliss
for all that lives is holy."
~ William Blake

So I arise, and ride to the other side of the river, knowing that I will receive something I am meant to have today...

My teacher and I greet each other warmly. She tells me that she too, was given a dream about me, and I share the incredible details of mine with her...

The practice is just what I needed, and targets every major issue I have and place of pain within my body...

I had forgotten how delicious and nurturing this precious soul can be. Yet, her class is always hard, challenging, its work is deep, and her instructions so incredibly nuanced, and I remember how it always seems to find my "stuff!" It is her gift, and I always experience a nakedness of soul here, that I only ever experience when I study with John Friend, our mutual teacher...

We work on releasing and lengthening the psoas, a muscle that holds many deep-seated emotions for all of us, and mine trembles in one pose involving a block in a supported lunge, which we hold, while we send love and compassion to it.

The theme today, is appropriate as well, for it focuses on self-love, always a difficult one for me, and so many of us as well...Later in the day, a book I read, which I will review shortly, also brings the same lessons on self-love, compassion, and letting go of what does not serve...

I leave class with many insights, a sense of where I need to do the work as well as how to do it, and feeling better than I have in a long time. I am grateful for the gift of this wonderful teacher, and promise myself that I will visit again, more regularly...

I arise today, grateful for messages received, for the Anusara yoga community that I belong to, for the support given and received that is seen and unseen...

"Ask, and it is given.
Seek, and you shall find.
For, everyone that asks, receives.
And everyone that seeks, shall find.
To everyone that knocks, it shall be opened."
~ Mathew 7: 7 - 8.


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