A Stairway to Grace

A new month arrives - its welcome energies - crisp and clean - signaling a major shift. The days are growing shorter, and I look forward to the coming fall season and all that it will bring. New months always remind me of opportunities to begin again, and new seasons offer that as well. This time of year invariably issues a call to journey into greater introspection as well...

We step into the last quarter of the year, and it issues an invitation - like Anusara Yoga - to step into the currents of grace, on and off the mat.

My teacher, John Friend, the founder of Anusara, shared these insights on Twitter in the last couple of days:

"Grace = Growing Revelation as Consciousness expands."

"Our stairway lies on the whispering wind of Grace."

This summer brought illness, unexpected time for reflection and reassessments, and a challenge to grow more deeply in many aspects of my life. Change and growth are never easy, but they are, as John Henry Newman once observed, the only evidence of life...

I stand on a stairway leading me to heaven and a state of Grace - my head spinning from many suggestions given to me by a friend today about directions I can begin to take - and things to do to better utilize my gifts. And so, in the aftermath of creating space and cleaning house, opportunities come knocking as I release what no longer serves...

Grace is everywhere. It makes its presence known in every experience we have, as I, myself, experienced in these words read this morning from a poem by David Whyte:

"But what would it be like
feeling the tide rise
out of the numbness inside
toward the place to which we go
washing over our worries of money,
the illusion of being ahead,
the grief of being [left] behind...
rising from such a depth?

What would that be like...
moving down the roads
among the thousands swimming upstream,
as if growing towards arrival,
feeling the currents of the great desire,
carrying time toward tomorrow?"

And I ask myself, what would it be like to climb the stairways and ride the roads, the waves, and currents of grace, always inviting a deeper expression of who we are? Practices - be they yoga, meditation, Lovingkindness, affirmations, kayaking - all enable us to listen more deeply to the sweet harmony of Grace calling to us and singing deeply in our hearts.

Endings, always lead to new beginnings. And it is time for that again in my life...

On a walk with a friend today, we marveled at many parallel experiences, the impact some recent astrological events have had in our lives, and our decisions to move in different directions, both in our relationships to others, and in our work. We affirmed each other for listening to our intuitions, for decisions taken, insights acted upon, and for having the courage to move into new ventures. We were vessels of Grace to each other and for each other, on a delicious early September stroll...


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