Everything in God and God in Everything

I arise and sit in meditation, and spontaneously, a prayer wells up from the center of my being, like an offering:

"Everything in God
and God in everything."

I repeat it silently, over and over again to myself, and it begins to color every aspect of my day on this 11/11 - opening the door to one sacred synchronicity after another - to blessings, to unexpected connections and opportunities for ministering.

Each time I step out of my house, a sacred encounter awaits - and I marvel at how everything happens in just the right moment...

I think of this on a walk in the afternoon, and wonder if the energy of my deep reflections and prayers, averts a possible collision as I approach an intersection - that ends up simply being a near miss...

I connect with a former student, a neighbor, and we minister to one another as Mary and Elizabeth did in the "Infancy Narratives" in the Gospels. I get the shopping done in preparation for Thanksgiving to provide for my family. And I look forward to meeting a dear friend for dinner - though I make sure that my husband comes home from a long day to a meal himself.

There can be such joy in simple things. Each moment can disclose a hidden treasure, if we are willing to be attentive to the opportunities we are presented with. Such simple pleasures abound everywhere when we offer every act, and when we are willing to see, and recognize and accept that truly, everything is in God - and that God is in everything!


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