Gratitude For a Harvest of Blessings

I awaken to the first frost of the season - a delicate blanket covering the grass - and it takes my breath away. I wonder what it would be like to kayak this morning. It has been weeks, and perhaps months since the last time I launched into the river...

But first, I make a cup of Parisian coffee, and climb back into bed and enjoy the quiet and the stillness. I am reminded of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who once wrote:

"God speaks, in the silence of the heart,
and we listen."

Yes, I listen. Every morning and evening I ask to be shown the way. I ask that the path be made clear...And after enjoying every moment with my hot cup of coffee, savoring every sip - I give thanks for a good night's sleep, and for the gift of this day, and everything it will bring to me...

I teach a yoga class, and then drive out to meet a treasured soul to walk the labyrinth and celebrate my birthday, a few days early. This sacred walk is a practice this soul companion and I have done many times over the years, through deep connection, and turbulence, through trials and tribulation - and joys and grief.

We walk and sit in the center to meditate - and I love how our energies merge in the sweetest of prayers - sacred blossoms from our hearts, freely offered to the Divine...

I am moved to express gratitude for so many things - for people - for experiences - both good ones and bad - for they have all shaped me and enabled me to grow. I repeat "thank you's" over and over again - for this - for that - they bubble up and spill out of my heart, cascading like a waterfall, as sweet tears pour out of the corners of my eyes. I remember John Friend once being told by his Guru, that such tears were a gift from God, and symbolic of true love...

And then, I burst into laughter because I do not like the canned music at all. But then, in my heart, another song arises - from Godspell - the cave of my heart sings it gently and quietly:

"All good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above.
So thank the Lord--
Thank the Lord,
For all His Love."

I share with my beloved friend, my gratitude and insights gleaned from the journey I embarked on, three years ago at this time. I could not see then what I was giving birth to. I could only feel the intense pain of what I was dying to. But I told her, that I would not trade where I am - for anything. I was grateful for the people in my life now, the sacred work I do, and the many blessings received.

In the last six months, everything has shifted and been amplified - my meditations have been more fruitful, and I can finally truly say that I am happy.

We then share gifts with one another - symbolic of our shared devotions and love for both Mother Meera and Miraculous Mary, who was revealed by St. Catherine of Laboure. To these were added, gifts from Our Lady of Guadalupe as well. And over the years we have also shared a deep love for Yogananda, and meditate in the Kriya Yoga tradition as well...

I drive home, full to the brim, knowing that all is well, and that everything is - as it should be. I drive, repeating one of my favorite personal mantras:

"I am infinite and free.
I am as God created me.
Everything that I need
Is inside of me.
And everything that is--
Is as it should be."

And so, it is...


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