Ultimate Freedom

One of the attributes of the Divine, as recognized in Tantric texts and teachings is "svatantrya" or ultimate freedom. It is also an attribute that we strive to embody and attain as yoga practitioners and mundane mystics. I believe it is something that all humans yearn for, and as we observe the events that are taking Egypt and the Middle East by storm, this becomes even more evident and relevant.

In my own classes this week, I explored ultimate freedom as resulting from the interplay between Muscular Energy and Organic Energy - two of the principles in Anusara Yoga's Universal Principles of Alignment. It is in the dance between the two that we experience and come to embody ultimate freedom. But it is also in this dance that we consider and ponder the many questions that arise in our lives and that calls us to honor our process as well.

Today, as I reflected on three inter-related issues - the profound insights received during a craniosacral therapy session with a very gifted therapist, the process of a friend nearing the end of her life's journey, and aspects of my own life that require releasing - I could not help but notice the constant invitation to let go, release, and step into the current of grace, and surge into the arms of ultimate freedom...

It was a day for holding sacred space here - and in another realm for a friend transitioning - and for profound realizations as well as I journey more deeply toward my own path to ultimate freedom...

I end my sharing, with messages received that spoke to me, and which perhaps may speak to you as well...

"Be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart
and try to love the questions themselves
like locked rooms and like books that are written
in a very foreign tongue.
The point is to live everything.
Live the questions now."
~ Ranier Maria Rilke

"To be whole, let yourself break.
To be straight, let yourself bend.
To be full, let yourself be empty.
To be new, let yourself wear out.
To have everything, give everything up."
~Tao Te Ching

In Someone Else's Eyes

"In someone else's belief, you are rich and free.
In someone else's eyes you are smart, capable and daring.
In someone else's world of existence you have it all.
In someone else's level of experience,
you have already reached their understanding of nirvana.
Whatever your story is, you are blessed
as you are willing to recognize you are."
~ David Ault


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