Stepping into the Sacredness of the Solstice

This morning, I went for a walk, then hoisted Grace, my kayak, into my truck, to go down to the river. It seemed fitting to step into the healing and cleansing waters of the river, on this day of the Summer Solstice.

We are in the midst of a most incredible time. On this day, the earth pauses for a moment, offering her inhale, into her exhale, and the sun seems to pause on the horizon. There is a still point that we can access and experience, that allows us to open to grace more fully, and enables us to step more deeply into the sacred, and to be bathed in its healing energies.

This year, the solstice follows the longest lunar eclipse in a decade, sandwiched in between two partial solar eclipses - one which transpired on June 1, and the other to occur on July 1st. In addition to all of this, we are experiencing a conjunction of planets known as a Cardinal Grand Cross. I am incapable of explaining all the technicality relating to these astrological events, but suffice it to say, that is a time heralding great change, and inviting deep cleansing and releasing, as we prepare for all that it is to come.

Indeed, all of our energies and thoughts are enhanced and magnified today, and many will gather to unite their consciousness and vibrations, and offer prayers and meditations for the planet, for themselves, and for all those in need. It is a time of great auspiciousness.

I thought about all of this, as I arrived at the river. It was as calm and quiet as I had seen it in a very long time. My first steps into the river sent out gentle ripples, and soon I was paddling upstream, on the opposite and hidden side of the first island dividing the Maryland and Virginia sides of the Potomac River. After I angled around the corner, I quietly floated downstream, and not a person or boat was in sight.

I locked eyes with a small blue heron, and we quietly observed one another for a while. Then, he flew around me, and downstream, as if leading the way...

I came home, to chant and sit in meditation for an hour, engulfing the very moment of the solstice, giving intention to let go of attachments, what does not serve, whatever holds me back, and connecting deeply with the Infinite Self within, which I imagined spreading out all over the Universe, ever mindful that at the moment, a critical mass of souls were engaged in the very same endeavor.

Today, take time to sit in solitude or get together with like-minded souls. Unite your prayers and energies and give intent to let go of what no longer serves. Ask to receive what is most needed in this moment, as we begin our sacred journey into the summer season, and beyond, towards the dark of winter once again - for to everything, there is a season. But for now, let us enjoy the light, and the warm and lazy days of summer!


Doug said…
Happy summer solstice, Olga!
Olga Rasmussen said…
Solstice blessings to you as well Doug! Hope you guys are settling into your new home!

With love,

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