Blessings on 11.11.11

On this sacred day of 11's --
on this day of 11.11.11,
of portals opening,
and veils thinning,
on the heels of a Full Moon,
and the remembrance
of the sacrifice of Veterans,
my heart swells with joy
and deep gratitude
for all that ever was--
for all that is,
and all that is to come...

On this sacred day,
of hearkening the wisdom of angels,
I step into the river
and its raging blue currents
swollen and heavy with dying leaves,
baptizing myself anew
to a life of contemplation,
deep practice,
and dedicated meditation...

On this sacred day
of new beginnings
and deepening consciousness,
of grace and special blessings,
I give thanks,
I chant,
I pray,
and I lay all at the feet
of My Beloved Divine...

On this sacred day,
I release,
I forgive,
I repent,
and I cleanse--
letting go of what no longer serves,
and all desire for retribution...

On this sacred day,
I re-commit to my sacred path--
fully embracing my ecstatic journey,
and to living as fully and deeply
as I can, extending healing to the souls
I encounter along the way,
and anointing the places I visit,
as sacred ground...

On this sacred day,
I plunge into the Unknown
with great abandon;
I pledge to live in each Present Moment,
as fully and completely as possible--
recognizing God in everything,
and everything in God...

On this sacred day,
of 11.11.11,
on the eve of relinquishing
my 55th year
and stepping into my 56th,
my heart bursts with gratitude
for all the blessings
and sacred lessons received--
for the special soul companions
sent my way, in every epoch
of my life, but most especially
for the Gift of Faith
and the Love and Presence
of the Beloved Divine...

On this sacred day,
My soul rejoices and sings,
and dances to
its unique song...

May the prayers
and sacred energies of this day
transform and heal the planet,
and culminate in the recognition
that we are all One; and
we embody the One
we so desperately and passionately seek!


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