New Year's Musings at the River

When I woke up this morning, I headed straight for my meditation space to celebrate the birthday of Paramahansa Yogananda, whose writings have enriched my life and nourished my soul for decades.

It is said, that the energy on the birthday of a guru, spiritual teacher, or saint, is strong - and that the prayers we offer and the intentions we set on this day - are very powerful indeed. I have felt that in the past, and I felt it again this morning during my meditation and subsequent prayer.

Without disturbing the deep sense cultivated during that hour, I headed down to the river with a cup of coffee in tow. I had not visited my beloved river for a while, and when I arrived, no one else was there.

The riverbanks were frozen at the edges, but I could side step those thin areas quite gingerly so that I could survey the broad expanse of the river. It was wide. But not as wide as the heart of God, or the Love of God, I imagined...

Eventually, I walked up to the the high point, and from my perch I marveled that the river was not only as calm as I had seen it, but there was a clarity to the water that enabled me to see into its depths for about a third of the way across. I could see every boulder, rock, remains of a trunk and the occasional twig, here and there. I thought that if I stood there long enough, I might see a bass merrily swimming along, or watch a blue heron fly by me. But, that was not to be.

Instead, I was taken by the clarity and depth of the water, and the expansiveness between both shores. It was infinite. It reminded me of eternity. And of possibility...

Such is the mind and the soul of the one who is One with God! Such is the gift that arises from the fruits of meditation. I only hope to attain that in this lifetime...

As I reflected on my over-arching theme for this winter session's yoga classes, and particularly for the themes I was thinking of using the first and second weeks, I felt "plugged in" to the river, and it conveyed so many insights in a seamless stream of consciousness. It was simply beautiful.

I will share some of the beautiful readings from Yogananda's Spiritual Diary, beginning with an excerpt for today, his birthday, followed by others addressing the New Year, and finally by two selections from other sources that I read this morning which were both meaningful to me.

Today, take a moment to think of one of your spiritual teachers and connect with him or her. Ask for what you need, and be grateful for whatever comes...

"If I don't see you, remember I am working for you in some other place. My seeing you all the time will not necessarily help you. You will receive more by meditating deeply and regularly. I am not here only to help you in this life, but in the beyond also...

Choose which habits you are going to destroy in the New Year. Make up your mind about them and stick to your decision. Resolve to give more time to God: to meditate regularly every you can feel your spiritual progress in God. Resolve...that you are going to control your appetites and emotions...

For the New Year my greatest wish and prayer for you is that you cast aside wrong habits of thinking and doing. Don't drag your bad habits into the New Year. You don't have to carry them with you... Leave behind all useless thoughts and past sorrows and bad habits. Start life anew!"


"Travel well into the quiet time given to God.
Watch the horizon for a glimpse of God's face."

Follow the Star Meditations

"It takes trust to believe that right behind the illusion of all the things
you've been taught to accept as true,
lives the effervescent and glorious Reality of God
that shapes itself through your heart into the world of Love
and brings you the experience of Heaven on Earth,
as Heaven as the place you dwell,
of Heaven being the unlimited and joyful consciousness
of the whole in which every part of life
is yours to share, yours to love, and yours to rejoice
with in the miracle of abundant life.

It takes an active act of trust and faith
to make the choice for Love and abundance
and make it so deeply that it brings you joy,
that you can feel it as a reality so palpable
that the curtain of the ego plays parts
and you are standing in the world of Love."

"Messages of Love," Circle of Light, January 5, 2012


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this post. It's been a long time since I've connected with Yogananda. This really helped shift my energy for the day.

All the best,
Olga Rasmussen said…
So wonderful to hear Diane! Blessings to you on this auspicious day!

All Love,
Olga said…
Blessings of a new year, new adventure and new memories!
Olga Rasmussen said…
And to you as well! All Love! Olga

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