The Transit of Venus

I wake up, and meditate for an hour, mindful that today, in the heavens, something will be seen that will not happen again for 122 years...

They say that at the heart of this Transit of Venus, lies a mystical influence, that can enable us to connect our hearts with our minds in profound and mystical ways...

They say that this Transit, will allow for a balance of male and female energies - and that it heralds the advent of Divine Feminine and ushers in a new era...

And though it is cloudy, and I cannot see this event, I have seen it with the eyes of my soul, and have felt its energy all throughout the day...

I go to the river for further meditations, and then for a long walk, imprinting in my mind all the intentions and affirmations that will enable me to harness the powers of this day to move forward in my life...

This is a time to step into a greater flow and let go of what no longer serves, and on my walk I hear these words:

to be in
the flow--
let it go

to go
with the flow--
let it be

when you are in
the flow

what is, IS--
what isn't

to be in
the flow--
is to let go
of control
and what does not serve

be where you are:
let it be
in the flow

I spend a good portion of the day in quiet and silent meditation - wishing the best for everyone that I pray for, as I go about my domestic duties. May we awaken to a better way of living, working, and being...


Anonymous said…
Exquisite Olga.

This is it.

Pure wisdom.

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