You Kiss Me Awake (Poem)

A few days ago, I heard from someone I connected with years ago on Twitter. She is a gifted writer who posts these short, poetic musings I have always loved and found inspirational. A couple of years ago, I wove some of them into a poem.

This wonderful, creative soul, told me, that even after all this time, she still adores this poem. I read through it again, and the feelings I had when I wrote it, came back tumbling into my heart - and so, I share it here with you!

You Kiss Me Awake

My love is eternal--

Once given
It cannot be rescinded
Or lessened in any way

My love is eternal--
And the beat of my heart
Goes forth into the Universe
To vibrate there forever

I shall love you eternally
Despite trials and tribulations,
Through painful separations
And the sweetest reunions

I slumbered for centuries
Waiting patiently for you:

"Whisper here-
in the ear in my chest."

I listen carefully,
Not wanting to miss
The sound of your heart
Beating against mine

"I am a layer between layers.
a breath between breaths.
a sigh.
a pause."

I wait for your slightest glance--
And acknowledgment
Of my presence

I am breathless without you,
For you animate
My very soul, and together

"We are the breath
in between the earth
and your soul."

You course through my veins
Intoxicating me
Like the rarest elixir

"I am the bud
and you are the stem
that anchors me."

I cannot imagine
A life without you

I will not accept a future
Devoid of your presence

I weep at the prospect
Of being deprived
Of your touch, your scent,
And your smile, but--

"In one tear there is
an ocean of light."

I drown in a mere drop
Of your love,
Honored to be one
Of the many
That have slipped
Through your arms

"If you ride the wave
with me, eventually
we can float."

And I do--
I float downstream
On the surging river
Of your love

Where I will end up--
I do not know,
But wherever I go
I will wait until

"Your sun kisses
my soul awake."

(Co-written with @planethealer, Becky Bills, 4-8-10)


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