A Christmas Wish

There is often one special holiday card that touches me each year during this season. It  becomes a special favorite for both its endearing and enduring message. It is the one I will retain and that will evade making its way into a pile of oblivion. Sometimes I happen to buy the card - unexpectedly running into it, and surprised by the joy it instantly gives me. Sometimes I receive it - its simple message warming my heart as soon as it arrives in the mail. Most cards simply leave me unaffected these days, and this year in particular, I had to search harder for ones I wanted to send out in the mail to those souls in distant places, that I have managed to keep in touch with, sometimes over decades...

I almost inadvertently came across a card this year that I have enjoyed posting as my Facebook or Twitter status daily - choosing one sentence at a time, savoring it slowly,  absorbing and reflecting deeply on its meaning for me.

I reproduce the entire message here, for I can think of no better Christmas or Chanukah or New Year's wish or gift to give or to receive for virtually anyone. The world would be a much better place indeed if this was what we all wished for, instead of the more material things we spend our precious time and resources pursuing...

A Christmas Wish

May we break down boundaries, 
tear down walls, and build 
on the foundation of goodness.
May we look past differences, 
gain understanding, 
and embrace acceptance.
May we reach out to each 
other rather than resist.
May we be better stewards of the earth, 
protecting, nurturing, and replenishing 
the beauties of nature.
May we practice gratitude for all we have, 
rather than complain about our needs.
May we seek cures for the sick, 
help for the hungry, 
and love for the lonely.
May we share our talents, 
give our time, 
and teach our children.
May we hold hope for the future 
very tenderly in our hearts, 
and do all we can 
to build for bright tomorrows.
And may we love with our whole hearts, 
for that's the only way to love.


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