What I Learned on My Walk Today

What I Learned on My Walk Today

What works for me
Is not right for you
What works for you
Is not right for her
Each and every one of us
Has a unique path
Toward wellness, and
Eventual enlightenment
That path is different
For every living soul
For some, it may be a practice:
Yoga, or meditation,
A certain spiritual tradition
Philosophical system, or
Alternative therapy
For others it might be
A lifestyle choice
Or a dietary one—
A decision to go gluten free
Go raw or vegan
Most likely,
Several choices
And decisions
Contributes to our health,
And our well-being
Each one of us mirrors
All that we have been
At many times
And in many places
What works for one—
Does not work for another
And no one has the right
To impose their spirituality
Or philosophical proclivities
Or political persuasions
On any other
We must find our own path—
We must discover it within
And follow it proudly
We find our way
By going inside,
And by listening
To our deepest wisdom
What works for me
Is not right for you
So please, do not tell me—
How to live,
Believe or practice.
If I truly listen,
The Divine in Me
Will always guide me
Through inspirations
And sacred insights


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