Be Yourself

I posted a variation of the following on my website this morning, and thought I would share it here as well...

One of my favorite quotes by St. Francis de Sales is:
“Be who you are, and be that well.”
This quote is one that all students attending Visitation schools learn and I believe learn well, although it  can be a tall order at times and it's not always easy to actually embody. But really? Who else can we possibly be?
All we can ever aspire to be is to be ourselves - genuinely and completely. So take a moment, and think of your own unique attributes, and what only you can contribute to any situation. There is a way we can approach and contribute to life in general that is our unique expression. We can each make this world a better place in a particular way.
If this seems to much to comprehend or bear, then just for today, be who you are, and be that well!
Yes, just one day at a time! And over a succession of moments, and days, and then months and years - you will see how the fruits of your labor blossom in tiny increments, into a thing of beauty indeed!
And check out this 90 second meditation based on this quote! Check out Meditation Pure and Simple!


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