Just for Today, on a Snowy Day

Just for today, on this snowy day, 
I am reminded of love, of beauty, 
Of all that is meaningful,
And holds my heart captive...

Just for today, on the biggest snowfall
Of the last few years,
I am reminded of what is important,
And what is not...

Just for today, my heart bids me slow down,
And invites me into its sacred and hidden abode,
To go there and roam aimlessly...

Just for today, I will put aside anxious thoughts,
Avoiding all discussions or words,
Pulling my center out of its gravitational orbit, 
That is Divine in both nature and origin...

Today, and every day, 
Let me be all I must be...

Today, and every day,
Let me love unconditionally...

Today, and every day,
Let me do my work,
And do it well...

Today, and every day,
May I not forget
the true purpose of life -
Which is to embody
And express love,
In every way imaginable...

Just for today, I am grateful.
Today, I am filled with love.
Today, I see the beauty that is outside - 
Everything is blanketed in snow.

Just for today, the snow bids me to slow down.
Today, I stay inside my home, now a hermitage,
Bidding me and inviting me, to be a mystic.

Today, and every day, I will respond
to this gentle calling.

But for now, let me drink in this Present Moment!

Breathtaking beauty is everywhere,
If we have the eyes to see.

May this Wonderful Winter Wonderland
And its purity, embrace us
And remind us that we are all,
Always, one!


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