A Circle of Love

There are days you know you've done something good...

There are moments when you reap what you've sowed...

There are times you touch someone profoundly...

Sometimes, you do these small, seemingly insignificant deeds, and you do not even know for years where they landed - or how deeply moved someone was as a result. But here is the thing, no good deed goes unnoticed in this universe. No good deed ends up dead in its tracks. Like a small pebble thrown into the river of life, its effects ripple in widening waves and reverberate and undulate infinitely. I really do believe this!

Yesterday was one of those days for me. A series of actions and deeds grew exponentially, and I marveled and was in awe of where they all landed and how they blossomed.

Know that one kind word or gesture on your part may have a tremendous impact on another life. You may not even get to know what it might be. Or, you might one day have someone say to you that you saved their life, perhaps unknowingly, years before.

Every day, I like to try to do something positive or compassionate for someone. There are things I try to do for dear ones and for strangers as well - such as leaving a tip nearly equal to the meal I had earlier today. At the end of my day, I try to envision filling a cup with wonderful deeds hoping that the "positive" deeds have exceeded the deposits in the cup containing all the ways in which I failed throughout the course of the day to be considerate, or loving, or understanding. I also try to forgive one thing every day. Sometimes I strive to forgive the same thing for days, or weeks - or even years. I also try to be grateful for something every day as well...

Several years ago I vowed to focus on doing one small but loving thing every day. Sometimes it entailed extending love or compassion, or sending healing energy to someone I knew was not receptive. But over the course of time, I've noticed subtle changes that have resulted from this practice.

Never underestimate your power to make a difference in the world, or someone's life. You can and you do - in somewhat small and unseen ways. And really, what better way is there? Most of us will never have the opportunity to become  the President or a Nobel laureate, but we can all have a positive impact in the lives of our families, our loved ones, our neighbors, co-workers, and even in the lives of strangers that we meet.

It can be as simple as a smile. Paying it forward at a checkout counter. Giving someone a needed hug. You do make a difference, and you are constantly creating a circle of love around you!


Erin said…
Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Olga. One thing I know to be true is that this practice of kindness for others is especially important and uplifting when we are feeling down ourselves. At times I may struggle, but the best thing to do in that situation is to resist the ego, and to help another through prayer or action. Thanks for the beautiful reflection.
Olga Rasmussen said…
Love this Erin! Thanks for reminder!

Anonymous said…
Olga, your words always arrive in my life at the most appropriate time :) Thank you for your presence and wisdom. Love you, Sheila

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