A Kind Heart

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and also one of those rare, slow, lazy, and glorious mornings, where I sat on my deck and read two newspapers - practically from cover to cover for hours as birds chirped about joyously, from their hidden perches within the canopy of leafy branches overhead. 

Two articles caught my eye.

The first was a tribute of sorts to Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America" entitled "Morning Muse." The essay addressed why people are drawn to her, and suggested it is because she offers more of herself, and connects with a wider audience because she has survived incredible challenges and adversity in life, including two bouts of cancer.

Her long-time friend and fellow news anchor, Diane Sawyer, put it this way: 

"She's doing what her heart impels her to do, and what's in her heart is always kind."

Thus, Robin Roberts sees people - truly sees them and connects with them - and brings out the best in her audience and interviewees, always coming from a place of kindness.

The second article focused on a mad rush that many Chinese are having to try to give birth to a child during the coveted "Year of the Horse." People born in such years are deemed to be more successful in life. But time is running out, because "The Year of the Sheep" starts in February. And God forbid your child is born during this, much less desirable year!

Characteristics of a person born in this year? Loyalty, generosity, and kindness...

Sure, they are good traits, but it is believed that persons born under this sign are generally not successful or happy.

I happened to be born in the "Year of the Sheep." So were Steve Jobs and Bill Gates incidentally. They certainly achieved great feats and attained much success by society's standards.

I shared these stories with my yoga class this morning because I believe that to be recognized for having a kind heart is monumental. I can't think of a greater success in life!

The longer we practice something - whether it be yoga or meditation - the more we soften our hard edges. The more we exhibit compassionate behavior, and yes - the more kind we become. In time, kindness becomes almost automatic - even in situations where it might be extremely difficult to elicit such a response.

Loyalty, generosity, and kindness...

I have always valued all three of these attributes or virtues - valuing them even more so as I become older and recognize that at the end of our lives, people will not remember everything we did or said - but they will remember who we were - how we touched them and others, and whether we were generous and kind with our time and our resources.

Like Robin Roberts, I would consider it an honor to have someone say about me:

"She does what her heart impels her to do - and from a place a kindness always."

I might not always succeed at this, but I strive to embody it as best I can.

Cultivate a kind heart. Always...

Your life will be greatly enriched!


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