Choosing Joy: Redux

I end this month, as I began it - reminding myself to choose joy...

Choosing joy was the focus of the free 90 second meditation I posted yesterday on several social media platforms - it was an invitation layered over an inspirational exhortation that a dear friend artistically created, and which I borrowed.

I do not just end this month with this thought and practice, but I set the intention to carry it forward - beyond this moment in time, as ripples spreading concentrically from the stillness of its center...

I reminded others, while subbing yoga classes yesterday, that they too, can always to choose joy.

We can choose joy - we can choose to embody and reflect joy in everything we say and do, even while in the midst of life's most difficult challenges. We should not abdicate our joy for anything - or anyone! For in so doing, we give alway our power and ultimately our very essence.

I practiced choosing joy over the last few days - first by reflecting on the Reiki Precepts, knowing full well that most of the drama I encounter in life simply proves to be illusory. 

I told myself, I would not let anyone's state of mind or being rob me of my own joy. Yes, I know it is easier said than done. But here's the thing: The more we practice joy - like anything else in life - the more we can embody it...

Today, and everyday, I choose joy.

I chose joy at the beginning of this month. And I choose it again at the end. 

Let me remember always, that when I choose joy, I change my corner of the world. I illuminate every dark room, one flickering spark of light and love at a time. I can choose joy always with dispassion. Without attachment. I can simply let go of the rest: Expectations. Desired outcomes. Needy friends. Relationships that do not serve. Work that does not enhance my life. Practices that do not nourish my spirit.

And what could possibly be more freeing?

Yes! I choose joy!
(To be continued!)

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Susan said…
Hi, Olga,
Thank you! Continuing my pursuit of JOY!
Olga Rasmussen said…
You are most welcome Susan!

Sending love!

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