Listen to Your Intuition

I have a few people I highly respect and whose judgment I trust.

But I trust mine more...

If I do not hear that "knock" or "Voice" that tells me to more forward - or in this direction instead of that - I don't budge.

Sometimes, I do end up taking the road that was suggested - but maybe a year or so later - when I feel I am ready; when I have received the indication to do so.

The only times I've had regrets or gotten myself into serious trouble, is when I DIDN'T trust my intuition.

I was chatting with a friend earlier this week, and we both agreed that it was very important for us to follow the inner promptings and whispers of our hearts, and in fact, she suggested I write about this.

But I must insert a caveat here, because following one's intuition does not imply we make decisions on a whim. For years I taught bioethics, and I always instructed my students that one could not go against one's conscience in making moral decisions. However, a conscience also had to be an informed one, and there were methods and considerations to be followed...

Trusting implies listening. And in order to listen deeply, we must eliminate all those things that drown out the "Voice" of stillness, for it truly speaks.

I have been reflecting all week on how intrusive technology is. Just today, I read an article about Facebook's new messenger app, which seeks greater control over our lives. All around me I see people texting rather calling someone - or speaking to the person right next to them. Texting alerts litter the ears everywhere, like sound pollution.

I am not bashing technology, but I am suggesting we should not be ruled by it.

Yesterday, I visited the writing getaway retreat of a friend's husband, and I was struck by how monastic and exquisite it was. He writes there every day, surrounded by a grove of trees, reminiscent of an English forest, a well filled with gold fish, and an expansive deck overseeing a major creek. He lives like a recluse by day, and I immediately understood why he never went anywhere - I mentioned I would never leave that place if I lived here.

We spoke of rare editions of books and maps and map makers, and the many rare finds he excavated and researched in both the British Museum and Library as a professor. 

This is a man whose life is rich, because he has not only listened to his intuitions, but as a writer, it has given him tremendous insights into diverse subjects. I was fascinated by his latest book project, which has been accepted for publication.

So, create the space to listen. Lose yourself in it. Some might meditate or pray. Some who are agnostic or nonbelievers derive their "faith" and strength from nature or philosophy or universal values. And if you create this space to listen, both inside and outside of yourself, you will be able to always, wholeheartedly, trust your intuition!


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