Gift of Angels

I believe in the power of angels -  both seen, and unseen...

"What is an angel? And what do they do?"

I came across a review on a book titled The Physics of Angels, co-written by Matthew Fox, whose seminal theological works were very formative for me when I studied theology in the seventies, and Rupert Sheldrake, a physicist.

The review goes on to note that angels are powerful and terrifying. They enter into our lives by telling us not be afraid of them. But they are also protectors and can assist us in all of our endeavors and intuitions. They can guard and defend us in so many ways, and can contribute to our happiness. 

I have noted elsewhere in this blog, that I began this year by inviting the energy of angels into my life, and in a recent post I shared with you the picture of an angel, painted by a gifted artist, Karen Tarlton, which I gave myself as a present for my 59th birthday. In many ways, she was emblematic of this past year for me.

I chose to gift myself with another angel for Christmas, also painted by Karen. This one seized my heart immediately, I bought her impulsively for she truly embodied how I wanted to begin the coming year - dancing gracefully, with a bell ringing in one hand. I am working more deeply with chanting and sound in both my meditations and healing work, so this new angel brought these aspects into being.

I received both angels into my sacred space and asked them their names. In both cases, the chosen names came into my soul and heart - very loudly and clear, and were perfect in every way!

The first angel, is demure, holding a bouquet of red roses in her hand. She represents my journey this year - particularly with the creation of my series of meditations, book, and various sites - all titled Meditation Pure and Simple. The creation of these materials was a very contemplative and healing endeavor for myself, and has been shared with many throughout this planet.

The second angel, is open, light, and dancing gracefully with joy - and symbolizes how I have envision the energy of the coming year to be.

But, there is a third angel, a dear friend, who has supported my own work, silently in the background, with prayer, and undying support - lending her keen eye, helpful observations, or editing here and there with my meditation manuscript when necessary - even as she selflessly toiled at her own beautiful creations, which have graced many of my meditations as a background picture and inspirational quote.

Angels come to us in many ways - seen and unseen - in heavenly powers - and earthly ones as well!

As has often happened to both - my earthly angel and me this year - our work, unbeknownst to the other - has mysteriously unfolded in spiritual tandem. 

Last night, I received my newest angel painting. She arrived, as the last one, at dusk - a time of day so infused with spiritual energy. I unpacked her in my meditation space, asked for her name, hung her on the wall, and then meditated in her  beautiful energy and presence - welcoming her into my space and invoking her special graces. And as an added bonus last night, a full moon rose in the sky, inviting even deeper transformation and releasing...

Today, it is the Feast of St Nicholas. My earthly angel completes a cycle of sacred work, and her post for today contains a quote by St Francis de Sales, who has nourished my soul for over three decades...

And so, I wish to share with you, both my new angel and the Post by Every Day Spirit. May you enjoy both on this eve of the Second Sunday of Advent, and the Feast of St Nicholas!


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