Christmas Blessings for a New World

I wrote this back in 2010. But it seems so much more relevant today!

Christmas Blessings!

This Christmas...

Love. Love totally and completely.
Love without restraint.
Love with total abandon.
Forgive. Forgive everything.
Forgive every ancient grudge.
Forgive the Unforgivable.
Hope. Hope for a better world.
Hope for Peace, and an end to strife. Give Hope to all in despair.
Dream. Dream the Impossible
Dream. Feed your Dream and
Give it Life. Make it real.
Believe. Believe in the Seen.
Believe in the Unseen.
Believe in the Power of Miracles.
Live. Live full and Live deeply.
Live with Great Passion. Live
Each moment, as if your last.
Touch. Embrace a loved one.
And a lost one. Embrace them again.
Hold a hurting hand and heart.
Feel. Feel everything. Feel it fully.
Feel the Newness of every moment.
Feel the gift of every day.
Help. Help all those in need.
Help those you know.
Help those you don't.
Give. Give generously.
Give of your time.
Give of your heart.
Heal. Let go and release.
Heal what no longer serves.
Heal a broken heart.
Repent. Make straight
In the desert a highway.
Be sorry. Make amends.
Celebrate. Give thanks always.
Celebrate Blessings.
Celebrate Life.
Enjoy. Enter fully into this Season.
Enjoy, and remember
The Reason for the Season!


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