Entering into Stillness

I share the following from the Jewel in the Lotus Newsletter which offers some great suggestions for the coming winter months...

"Enter into stillness. This is the theme for this month.
When you find yourself amid the swirling chaos - become mindful of your energy.
Not always easy, yet it is our practice in this physical plane.
Begin the practice by entering into the stillness within your heart
when you are not surrounded by drama and the activity of daily life.
Be gentle with yourself as you learn to transcend lifetimes of patterning.
Being aware of your own Presence is the way to enter into stillness..."

Ways to Enter into Greater Stillness in Your Life:

Own your power.
Know you are the master of your creations.
Your relationship to self is the most important one.
Know that you are always protected.
Take time for yourself everyday.
Lovingly parent your inner child.
Know that we are all ONE.
Practice non-attachment.
Simplify your life.
Every interaction is an opportunity to heal.
Practice forgiveness.
Look for the positive in all situations.
Be aware of the Divinity within.
Practice Peace in all areas of your life.
Become a Spiritual Warrior.
Live with Integrity.
Be humble.
Have a Gentle Heart.
Be non-reactive.
Live consciously.
Be the embodiment of Spirit on Earth.

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