Season of Gratitude

We enter into the season of gratitude, and even Paramahansa Yogananda marks it in his Spiritual Diary, with a series of readings for the month of November...

"Every day should be a day of thanksgiving
for the gifts of life: sunshine, water,
and the luscious fruits and greens
that are indirect gifts of the Great Giver.

God makes us work so that we
may deserve to receive His gifts.
The All-Sufficient One
does not need our thanks,
however heartfelt,
but when we are grateful to Him
our attention is concentrated,
for our highest benefit,
upon the Great Source of all supply."

In this season amidst so much economic upheaval and strife - but political hope - may we not forget to offer thanks and rely on the Source that supplies all. May we also deepen in our understanding of what it means to be good stewards of all that we have been given and all that we receive.


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