Christmas Prayer

Two lovely readings received...

"...The Lord comes again and again in
in God-illumined prophets to light the way.
The glory of Christ in the form of Jesus
made visible the Invisible Light
that leads to God."
- Paramahansa Yogananda

A Christmas Prayer

"Let us be still in the darkness of our sacred space,
And listen to the quiet around us.
For even in the quiet, there is the gentle being with others.

Let us feel the warmth of our community,
Knowing we are not alone.
For in the quiet shadow is the glow of life within all.

Let us know in the darkness the gift each candle bears,
A small flame, a diminutive light -
Yet the wondrous gift to kindle another's glow.

Let us be in awe at this moment as we each take up the flame
And the light that envelopes this room,
As hope for peace and goodwill fill this night."

By Lisa Rubin


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