A Gift For You

In keeping with this season of love, of waiting, of giving, of preparation, of hope, of serenity, of solitiude - of silence, and peace - I offer you the humble gift of my writing. Please feel free to share these with friends as well!

I have posted PDF files of three manuscripts on my website:

A poetry book I write every year and give away to loved ones during this time, titled In the Sanctuary of the Beloved.

Another book - The River Speaks - which documents my budding relationship to the river and the gifts it brought into my life through the selection of blogs that addressed my experiences.

And finally, Aligning With Grace, the entire collection of these blogs for the first year. This volume might be mined by yoga teachers for class themes - or serve as inspiration for those on the journey.

You can download these books directly from my web site:

If you would prefer a 6 x 9 paperback edition of these works with glossy covers, they are being offered for ONLY the cost of printing and shipping at my storefront at Lulu.com. They would make wonderful gifts:

Drop me a line if you would like - and consider writing a review at:

You can also type in my name in the search box at Lulu.com and all my posted works will appear. You can look at sample pages and read a description of each volume.

May this season be one of peace, serenity and joy, and connecting more deeply with the Divine! Namaste and Amen!


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