All is Well - On Land and on Water

I emerge from over an hour of deep meditation in the early morning quiet and feel deeply nourished in my soul and heart...

The sky begins to darken, and I know it will rain once again...

I think of my visit to the river yesterday, ever so briefly...I have not been able to connect with my beloved river much of late - the rains and the strong river currents keep me side-lined and on solid ground - not water. Yet in my heart of hearts, I know our time together will come again soon - and we will commune and merge as one, once again...

I am warmed by several instances of feedback that I receive, where friends and students were aided therapeutically, and I rejoice in the incredible recovery a life-long friend is making from a complicated surgery...

I bathe in beautiful messages and quotes after my meditation as I drink my espresso, and I savor this message, which a friend passes on. I read it personally, as if it had been sent to me from God. It is a wonderful message to receive and imbibe, particularly now, in a time of transitions, where some experiences and givens are falling by the wayside, but other more wonderful opportunities are emerging...

"In your heart, you know.

Your head may swirl with concerns,
ideas, pleadings, potential problems
and 'what ifs' of every type,
but your heart knows
the gentle truth...

All is well.

All is well here and now.
Beneath the angst and turmoil
there is a river of peace that flows.
It is a current of your soul.

Close your eyes and breathe.
Listen to your heart.
This day affirms the truth that,
indeed, all is well."


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