I am Empty, I am Full - Take Two

On Thursday, my yoga teacher honored me by re-visiting a theme I had used in a class she had observed a few months before. Every year, Anusara Yoga teachers, both certified and inspired, need to be observed by a colleague to maintain their status as Anusara Yoga teachers. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience someone else's teaching, and to share areas of strength, and those that could use some refinement as well.

My teacher used the theme I had used on that occasion - "Emptiness and Fullness", my comments, and a poem I had written - but she worked with a different class template, category of poses, and principles of alignment.

It is so interesting to hear someone else take your theme and comments and spin them in a different way - or read your poetry out loud, in their own rhythm and cadence. I only ever hear what I write in my own head - so it comes alive and is possessed and held captive by another's heart when it is read by someone else. My teacher, Suzie Hurley, truly honored me once again as a student, and later she thanked me for my contributions. I, in turn, thanked her back - for taking my material, and re-inventing it so creatively and exquisitely for a different audience.

Here is the poem I wrote, and which we both used at the end of our respective classes:

I am Empty; I am Full

Words repeated,
Fervently uttered
In japa recitation:

“I am empty;
I am full…”

Every life lesson
Discloses both
An opportunity to experience
And fullness,
Like the two Acts of Shiva—
And Revelation,
Dancing in
And out
Of the embrace
Of every lived experience:

“I am empty;
I am full…”

One always giving birth
To other—
Each one containing the seed
Culminating in the one
Conceiving the other,
In an endless dance,
And never ending cycle:

"When I look inside
And see that I am empty,
That is wisdom.
When I look outside
And see that I am everything,
That is love.
Between those two,
My life turns."

(The final quote is from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. This theme was also used previously, in a class I taught before the one that was observed and which I blogged about on February 23rd of this year titled "Emptiness and Fullness." See February 09 Archives, or click on link below.)



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