Sacred Song and Chanting

There are no boundaries between the late of night - the deepest evening, and the very early morning...They are separated only by the presence of light and the sweet song of birds in the morning dawn - though the light is never absent from my soul...

I am filled with an evening of Divine Kirtan, sacred chanting with Snatam Kaur and her friends - and my own as well - sacred souls on their own most holy journey who have gathered here to be nurtured in soul and heart and mind...

I am touched deeply by the souls uniting their voices and hearts in sacred song...There are truly no strangers here as we offer our prayers for peace in this world...

The sacredness of the chanting spills over into my evening, as I lay in bed, with tears of devotion mingling with the deepest and most heart-felt of prayers, merging with the voice of Snatam Kaur, singing her new song, "Crimson:"

"My eyes are damp
with the nectar of the Lord
My soul is filled
with His Love

He tested my heart
with His touchstone
and found it to be pure...

And through the Guru
I am dyed a deep crimson.
This body and mind are wet
with the Love of the Lord.

[I] drenched
in the fragrance of the Lord
and this life of mine
has been blessed..."

The hours of the night wane and deep sleep comes, my devotion and prayers, melt into the deep embrace of the Divine, and the incredible communion of souls which I shared and experienced, and that I still carry within...

For a few quiet hours, I find complete peace...

(To listen to "Crimson" from Snatam Kaur's new CD, Liberation's Door, visit:


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