Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

This morning, I wake up with gratitude in the deepest recesses of my heart, for all that is - and what is not.

I am grateful for the simple things - the gift of life, of friends, a cup of Italian espresso bought in Paris, and the opportunity to sleep in and lazily stay in bed a little longer...

I am grateful for those hearts that have brought joy into my own - like beacons - they have helped me navigate the way out of deep sorrow...

In this season of giving thanks, I am reminded of how important it is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude - in everything we do and say. And when we do, we notice subtle shifts in ourselves and those around us - beauty blooms all around us. What we say and do - matters. What we appreciate and our expression of it - also matters. WE matter!

I think of a dear student and friend who said to me, months ago, when I was emerging from deep depression like a butterfly - "Your life so matters!" It gave me the ability to see light where I had previously only seen darkness...

I am blessed, in more ways than one. I have friends that share my spiritual path - so many committed to furthering their lives spiritually through their practices of asana, meditation, and prayer - and for all of these wonderful blossoms who have come into my life, I give thanks...

This morning, I found this wonderful e-card from Mary Robinson Reynolds sitting in my inbox, and it crystalizes so many of my feelings in this moment...

"The season of Thanksgiving is upon us.
Giving thanks for family,
and friends,
and Life's Gifts
and Simple Pleasures

The smells coming from the kitchen,
the hugs, the Love, the kisses...

Giving thanks for all the stuff
relationships are made of

Giving thanks for the year's challenges
and opportunities

For this year's harvest,
and this year's bounty

As we prepare to share the happiness
of this Thanksgiving

(And here I add my own words)

Take a moment to thank someone
for their friendship
their companionship -
and for sometimes helping you learn
the painful lessons
you must learn and embody

Take a moment
to be grateful
and always, in every moment
cultivate an attitude
of gratitude."

I was also warmed this morning, by so many inspirational quotes from my Twitter family, and will share a few here...

"May this day open your heart
to new levels of joy
so you can witness a new world
of pure light and Divine Love."
~ MichaelBathurst

"Take a moment in sweet silence today
to witness all your inner glory
and serve your highest self with respect."
~ MichaelBathurst

"Flowers grow out of dark moments."
~ Sister Corita Kent

"Best of all, preserve everything,
in a pure, still heart."
~ Conrad von Gesner

"Every tomorrow,
is determined by every today."
~ Yogananda

Blessings sent to all of you, in a shower of grace. Today, give thanks. Share it. Embody it. Let everything be a reflection of cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

Thank YOU - for reading this, and sharing my journey!

And one last Twitter posting:

"Give often. Be guided by intuition.
Keep your feet on the ground.
Lift your heart to the world.
Express unconditional compassion.
It is the way."
~ ShamAnArtist


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