Moments and Choices of Grace and Blessings

I continue to be gifted with such moments of grace and soul connections - with those I have known - and with those I am coming to know and which the Divine is bringing into my life...

Yesterday, I read a posting by an intuitive that affirmed these very things. We are connecting more and more with like-minded spirits who are in tune with us vibrationally, and we are touching each others lives - helping one another to grow and take vital steps on our sacred paths. We are truly not alone! And we are profoundly transforming ourselves, those around us, and this planet.

I marvel, how in just an hour or two upon awakening, I make several important connections - one with a new Twitter friend who hosts a radio show - another with a life-long friend who has just begun an inspired blog - and still with another friend, who sends me this precious gem, from a newsletter she subscribes to - written as a love letter from God...It contains valuable messages for me, and I wish to share it here...

To: You

"You have chosen.

You have chosen your life.
You have chosen your body.
You have chosen your parents.

YOU have chosen.

No one did anything to you.
You chose.
Perhaps your choices have been painful
and challenging, but your soul
made these choices as part
of the path it walks.
It is a divine path.
Therefore, everything that has happened to you
has been sacred.
It has been a blessing.

Can you begin to see all things as blessings?
Can you begin, this day,
to find gifts wrapped in the misfortunes
you have had?
As you do this,
you will begin to delve evermore deeply
into the truth of who you are."

Blessings come in many ways. In the things that are obvious. And the ones that aren't. Every opportunity that comes our way is an invitation to align with grace - to take the high road - to become most fully whom we are meant to be. This is what I strive to be. This is what I try to do.

It does not mean that I have not failed - for I have - sometimes horribly so. It does not mean that I am not profoundly sorry for the wrongs I have done, and the people I have hurt, sometimes needlessly in my life. But, it does mean - that every day I have the chance to start over. It is up to me. I have that choice. I recognize that there are choices I make daily about the person I want to be, and the life I want to lead, and the legacy I want to leave behind...


Lavonne said…

I just love this post...really touched my heart tonight.

Look forward to seeing you again one of these days...hopefully soon!

Olga Rasmussen said…
Thinking of you - and the Monday nite yoginis are sending their love as well!

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