Every Good Deed (Poem)

I am off to a very full day of teaching yoga philosophy - the first of two days - consisting of a detailed and comparative look at Classical Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra, to be covered on this day. Then, an overview of the kleshas, koshas, and tattvas - both in Samkya and Tantra tomorrow.

I awaken this morning rested, and full, from a wonderful Friday. I had lunch with a very dear friend, and we were waited on by the most attentive young man, who took the time to make our espresso and cappuccino in the same manner as they are prepared in Rome. It took me back to that magnificent city. Truly, the best cappuccinos and espressos I have ever savored, were the ones I had in Italy...

Then, I met some more dear friends who have traveled the spiritual path with me for many years, for drinks and appetizers. It was truly a delight to see how all of these friends I spent my day with have grown - one not only as a yoga teacher, but as an incredible human being - and the others - not only as spiritual human beings and wonderful parents - but as the innovators and founders of a non-profit company that sells crystals to healers all over the world. I have been privileged to watch both sets of friends emerge from their cocoons, and give wings to their dreams. All three of them are changing the planet - one person at a time...

My heart is filled with gratitude - for these friends - and so many others that have touched my life and soul so deeply...

I wrote this poem a few days ago, and it seems appropriate to share here, because it goes well with this theme of gratitude that I have been reflecting on, and which I plan on using in my yoga classes in the coming week...

Every Good Deed

Every Good Deed
Every Kind Word,
Every Act of Love--
Reverberates Eternally

No Act of Kindness
No Embrace Given,
No Love Offered--
Is ever Lost

Out there--
I hope all my Good Deeds,
And Good Thoughts,
Outweigh the Moments
I Failed to Love
And be Compassionate

In my Heart of Hearts,
I Believe this is so

Be Mindful
Of your Thoughts
Your Words,
Your Actions--
For all the Good you Do,
is Eternal

Every Act of Love
And Compassion
is never Forgotten
And Dances Forever
In God's Heart


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