Cultivate an Expectation of Grace

It was a full and rich weekend, of teaching yoga on the other side of the river, and re-connecting with college friends. Many of the moments were filled with grace and offered its own beautiful blessings...

As I rode to teach classes yesterday morning - subbing for a wonderful teacher - I marveled at the beauty of the fog lifting all around me, and thought of it as a veil lifting and revealing the manifestation of the Divine in every aspect of creation. The beauty simply took my breath away!

I began this Monday morning as I have for some time now - with my wonderful garden of yoginis. My students engaged their core very exuberantly, by working strongly with Kidney Loop. They worked hard, and went into their back bodies - initiating their poses from there - and radiantly expressing them fully - from their hearts. I marveled at what I saw - and felt humbled and honored by the beauty they shared with me. What a gift to walk this journey with others - of opening to grace and aligning bodies, minds, hearts and souls as one!

As a wonderful yogini often likes to tell her students, "Grace always has your back!"

I look forward to playing with my other classes and wonderful students this week as we continue to work the core by applying the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment. Every day I teach, invites me to open to grace - encourages me to receive grace - and bids me to extend grace more fully to others as well...

After various errands, I rode the currents of my grace filled morning down to the river for a few moments. I would have loved to go in - it was in many ways a perfect day for kayaking, but other activities took up my time. The river was calm and the day was splendidly warm as well. The trees are just about totally bare of leaves now. After surveying the river for a while, I sat in my car, did my Kriyas and meditated, and remembered a grandmother who would have been 104 years old today...

A couple of days ago, I received this from a friend from a newsletter she receives, titled, "To You, Love God."

"Cultivate an expectation of grace.

You can awaken fully and easily with this simple shift in your thinking. Once you begin to expect grace, you will experience it. Expecting grace makes this moment peaceful and devoid of strife. Expecting grace makes the next moment full, rich, and abundant.

Your life seems to be moving; this is your perception. If this be so, why not expect that around each corner is a blessing? Begin to anticipate something good and you will discover it waiting on the stoop when you open your door.

This day, cultivate an expectation of grace."

Truly, a wonderful reminder. And so, I will cultivate an expectation of grace today!


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