We begin a new month of sacred energies, and I think of all those things which transmute and transform us...

As the sun begins to set on this day, and I prepare for my evening meditation, I come across this beautiful sutra - or verse - from the Radiance Sutras, an ancient Tantric text, translated by Lorin Roche. It is utterly delicious and full of so much richness, I could easily get lost in it for hours...

"The real transmutation,
The offering to God,
Is to pour the elements of your body,
All of your sensual impressions,
Into the fire of the Great Void.

Your richness of experience
Is the wine that you offer
To the Divinity that is everywhere."

After an afternoon of study and reflection, and preparing my remarks for an upcoming workshop where I will address the yogic concept of the kleshas (afflictions in us which arise due to the ignorance of our true nature), and the koshas (the five sheaths or layers of being of our existence - most of which are subtle and cannot be physically perceived), I take a break and imbibe in the refreshment and wisdom offered by this sutra. Ahhh!


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