Soaking Up the Sun on the River

Last night, I met dear friends at Wolf Trap again, for the Colbie Caillat and Sheryl Crow concert. I am definitely into the summer concert mode this year! The night was exquisitely delightful spent in the company of friends, as we enjoyed a pre-show picnic on the lawn, in perfect weather, with lots of wine, followed by incredible performances, and lots of bantering back and forth with my dear friend and her daughter, who is most special to me. It was a magical night and totally delicious as we enjoyed hits and new material by these two fine songwriters.

This morning, after I got a good night's sleep, I headed down to the river. I had my new camera in tow, which I broke out last night at the concert. Luckily, when I got to the river, a couple that was hanging around the boat launch area agreed to take a series of pictures with me and Grace, my trusty kayak.

I am still under the weather, sleeping a lot, nursing a cough - but no fever or anything else. Still, I paddled all the way up between the first island and the Maryland shore, which I have been exploring this season. I rounded the island and then came down the side I dutifully explored for two years.

I just ordered the book, Without a Paddle: Racing Twelve Hundred Miles Around Florida by Sea Kayak by Warren Richey. Faithful readers of this blog, will remember, that two years ago, as I struggled with depression and other major issues in my life, I started paddling unexpectedly after reading the book Deep Water Passage by Anne Linnea, a valiant soul who undertook kayaking around Lake Michigan under great peril, near brushes with death, and with permanent effects to her health as well.

In both cases, the authors of these two books, undertook their challenges after the experience of trauma in their lives - and the task they set before them, invited great change. An intuitive friend of mine I have known for many years, reminded me during that year I paddled the river almost furiously several times a week, that I was paddling upstream and working through my emotions - for water is symbolic of that. The friend I met last night, also took up kayaking, getting her own a year before me, and we marveled at how going to the water often has a healing effect on one.

Today, I was hoping for physical healing on the water. It was hot out there, and I felt buoyed by the the delight of last night, and the relative stillness of the water. The hydrilla - the river grasses - are starting to poke through the surface, and while the river was still murky - I caught a sizable wide-mouth bass racing alongside me, totally oblivious to me. I enjoyed taking pictures of the river, hoping to get a good one of a blue heron. Unfortunately, I did not see one close enough to me get a good picture. But I am sure there will be another time...

I put aside all concerns today, and followed Sheryl Crow's suggestion to simply soak up the sun, enjoying the energy and memories of the previous evening. I have the day and evening totally to myself and plan to just do whatever entices me today. It is not a day for doing inner work on or off this beloved river - but a time for paddling, clicking away on my new camera, and soaking up the sun...


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