The Winter Solstice, Lunar Eclipse, and Full Moon 2010

These are truly extraordinary times. In the last year, we have seen many rare and unusual planetary, astrological, and astronomical alignments and occurrences, especially for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart willing to ponder the signs and wonders we are given. There were many unusual such occurrences around the time of the birth of Jesus as well, although, this too, might be debated by some skeptics.

Still, I find myself in awe of what will transpire in a few short hours. We are on the doorsteps of the darkest and longest night of the year - the Winter Solstice, coupled with the Full Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse, which has not occurred simultaneously since 1554 AD!

The energy feels intense to me, bordering on the magical, and some truly strange things, defying any immediate explanation happened to me, one of which was, a "mini crop circle" appearing on my laundered microfiber sheets, looking like a full moon. It very much reminded me of the the plethora of orbs I encountered at twilight, on the full moon in July, when I was in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Today I read many postings from various perspectives, but I felt drawn to the message given by the astrologer George Poirer in a video he posted for his Facebook Page, "Logos444 Astrovlogs", and I have excerpted and paraphrased part of it. He writes this on the Eve of the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2010:

"At the Full Lunar Eclipse, the moon and the earth and the sun are all in alignment with the galactic center. The Lunar eclipse forms a 'T Square' with Pluto and Uranus, two of the most transformational planets in the cosmos, and this portends great change..."

He continues, not to decipher or speculate what all this may mean, but to invite us to enter fully into the energies of this event, and ask ourselves what changes we would like to make in our lives, and to create clear intentions that we would focus on, both today and tomorrow, for the energies of the cosmos could not be more aligned to assist us at this time of the eclipse.

And so, I sat down, and wrote my own personal intentions, which I will sit with at meditation this evening, and and at various junctures throughout the next day. But I truly realize, that these intentions are intended for all times and places - and phases of my life...

Winter Solstice, Lunar Eclipse, and Full Moon 2010

On this Solstice Eve of a Lunar Eclipse
And Full Moon, the first since 1554 A.D.,
And in a "T Square" alignment with
Pluto and Uranus--
Planets of Transformation,
I set powerful intentions.

Let me see
What I need to see.
Open my eyes!

Let me hear
What I need to hear.
Open my ears!

Let me heal
What I need to heal.
Open my heart!

Let me be all
I am supposed to be.
Fill my life and my soul!

Let me meet
All whom I am meant to meet--
In Sacred Union, out there,
Beyond the field of duality.

Let me do
What I came here to do.
And manifest my destiny
Clearly and powerfully!

Let me go
Where I need to go.
Show me the way
And the path I must follow!
Make it obvious, and
Make it visible!

Let me let go and release
All that no longer serves!
Show me the way
To Ultimate Freedom!

Let me be One with God
In every Thought
And every Deed.
In every Encounter
And Relationship.

Let me Embody and Reflect
Generosity and Kindness of Spirit,
Forgiveness, Loyalty,
Compassion, Devotion,
And Love, Always!

And may I Align
With the Divine!
And be a Chalice
For Grace!


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