Aligning with the Divine

Today I woke up feel very down, but in the morning I was reminded of the title of this blog - "Aligning with Grace" - which means in essence, to live from a place where we are always aligning with the Divine...

I shared with my students this morning, that I do not always feel like I align with the Divine. One of them seemed very surprised I said this, because she felt that I do this. I gently noted, that I strive to align with the Divine for the most part in my words and actions, but that I know I often miss the mark...

I was reminded of the importance of aligning with the Divine, as I read the daily update on my friend Lili Cunningham, who is transitioning. Her husband Bill, titled the post, "Turning to the Light." And I thought to myself, when we align with the Divine - we turn towards the light, as a sunflower does, which the update duly noted. My friend always did that, for she lived fully and deeply, in all her experiences and encounters. Now, in her slow and final journey toward the light, she is showing her friends and family how to align with perfect grace, embodying light...

I was also reminded of this when I read Desiree Rumbaugh's newsletter, an Anusara Yoga certified teacher who has been one of my favorite for over a decade. I have never once come away from a workshop with her and not felt more filled with delight. Her own light and grace and laughter is contagious. She
has not escaped her own deep trials and challenges. Still, she wrote such incredibly touching words, that I wish to excerpt a portion here, though I encourage you to explore her website. (A link is provided at the end of this entry):

"How does it feel to be aligned with the Divine?
  • Whenever we have a positive thought, a feeling of joy, or a sense of peace and contentment, we are aligned with all that we are, with our Divine essence.
  • When we are being creative, productive and stimulated by new ideas, we feel alive and full of energy.
  • When we are using our gifts and making a difference in the lives of others, we feel satisfied and content with life as it is.
  • When we are thinking thoughts and speaking words of appreciation for the blessings in our lives, we are connected to the bigger part of ourselves that is kind, generous and radiant.
Conversely, when we feel afraid or sad or angry, it is because we have become disconnected from the wiser Universal Spirit.

Feelings of scarcity, unfairness or dissatisfaction are signals from the depths of our Being, directing us to ask questions and then take some action. The larger part of us is only satisfied when connected to the Light because that is who we are. The Spirit within longs to be connected with joy, love and peace. Whenever that happens, for any of us, we bring healing light to the world. When we become disconnected, we bring more negative energy.

As the New Year unfolds, may we spend more and more time connected to our inner Light."

I could literally hear Desiree saying these words, as if she were scanning a class full of students, connecting with each and every one compassionately, in that way that she manages to always do so gracefully. I could imagine her looking at me, inviting me to step into the Light and to align more deeply with the Divine...

Our lives are a journey of aligning and dancing with the Divine. Sometimes we are out of step, and out of sync - but we come back to it now and again. It is good to be reminded of these things - as one friend who lived her life fully comes to the completion of this lifetime, and another who has arisen like the phoenix from the ashes of deep sorrow - points the way to more deeply align with the Divine.

For more information on Desiree and her teaching schedule, visit:


Jackie said…
I've had the pleasure of taking a couple of workshops with Desiree. In fact, it was Desiree that gave me my first "hit" of Anusara yoga 4 yrs ago at a YJ conference and I haven't looked back! I'd love to subscribe to her newsletter but don't see a link on her website. Am I blind? Can you direct me to it? Thanks!
Olga Rasmussen said…
Try the contact link on Desiree's website - and tell them that you want to get on the mailing list.

She will also be at Willow Street Yoga for a teacher's practice in March - check it out!

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