Dharma of Relationships

I just spent three whirlwind days in Montclair, NJ, where Emma Magenta and the Anusara kula there, graciously hosted John Friend, in the company of over 300 Anusara yoga teachers and practitioners. The energy there was simply amazing! I was so happy to connect with friends I hadn't seen in a year or longer, who had traveled from all corners of the world! And, I was just as happy to meet new friends as well.

While there is so much that I could say, I would like to just list some of the things that John spoke about on the dharma of relationships that resonated with me in one way or another. Perhaps they will speak to you as well. I know I will be reviewing and reflecting on the material for some time to come...

"What is our sadhana? It is our life...

In Anusara, we are always in relationship to the Universal. Grace is the intrinsic power of spirit that enables us to shift, open, and reveal something that is already there.

To the degree that you can align with the shakti, grace will have a commensurate effect...

When two vibratory fields or persons are in sync, the field gets bigger than the sum of its parts and you birth something bigger. This is especially true in community.

Every relationship has a power differential. Do you use it to empower or serve or not?

When you do your dharma, you align with the shakti. You need to alchemize the shadow into the light.

Today, open to the highest.

Adhikara is the capacity or the qualification to attune to whatever you want to be in sync with.

Kriya is when you make an offering without any expectations.

Time heals all relationships, so let time be your friend.

To be able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, takes slowing things down.

When you meditate, give blessings to yourself in addition to extending blessings to others.

Every relationship should take us into our hearts.

Always give the benefit of a doubt in a relationship. That's First Principle. You must be biased for the good.

Never kick someone out of your heart.

The heart has to be open like the sky."

Yes, simple, but very powerful gems of wisdom, extracted from from a gathering of a beautiful communion of souls. Many shifts occurred. Some of them, will transform lives forever...


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