The Sea Gulls Speak

I visited the river this morning for the first time in a week or so. As I arrived, the river was as calm as I've seen it in a while, teeming with a flock of sea gulls. The view was breathtaking, and I snapped a few photos with my inadequate phone camera. I walked down to the boat ramp and watched them, perched on the water, gliding effortlessly as if they were skating on ice. The water was so still I could see all the way down to the riverbed. Periodically, some would lift in flight, but a swath of them remained as if in constant vigil for something only known to them.

Gradually, I made my way back up to the cliff where I normally do Loving-kindness meditation. I was able to spend a few minutes in this practice, before an older couple approached to marvel at the beautiful scene before them on this crisp but sunny morning. Normally, I just smile at people who walk by, but for some unexpected reason, we struck up a conversation and we began to talk about the sea gulls. The woman imagined that they must have been hanging around this winter, because they did not seem tired. After a long flight they simply float very still upon the river's surface due to exhaustion. While we spoke, we saw one sea gull begin to vigorously fly downstream - in the opposite direction of the others. She noted that this one might belong to a different flock.

The river has spoken to me on many occasions over the course of the last few years. I have learned many lessons on the river banks, in my kayak, and through the simple observation of the wildlife. My experiences have been very rich, and I've written about them often.

I know that when certain animals make their appearance, they usually have a message for me. I've seen sea gulls here over the years, and on a few occasions recently. As I often do, I looked up the meaning of sea gulls as animal totems when I had a moment:

"I rise on spirit wings.
Like the sea gull, I soar over the waters of life.
I glide to Otherworlds
Where the powers of the Old Ones are strong.
I open my heart and mind to the gods.
Their messages are clear to me.

Spiritual Messengers
Sea Gulls are messengers from the gods, especially ancient Celtic deities.
They bridge the gap between the living world and the spirit world.
Opening yourself to their energy enables you to communicate with the other side.
Sea Gull can also give you the ability to soar above your problems
and see things from above. Seeing all the different viewpoints."


I resonated very much with this meaning of sea gulls. I can't begin to ennumerate the many ways this entry touched me. I've had a lot of time to slow down, reflect, meditate, and live more simply this winter. As a result I am sure, I've received many precious insights and spiritual blessings.

When I first arrived at the river this morning after my morning meditation, I was overwhelmed by the sense of peace I felt in that place - so beloved to me. This peace is really emblematic of where I am in my life right now and how the course of my life is unfolding. I felt one with all of nature - with the Divine - with the sea gulls, with the couple I encountered - and with the wonderful crispmorning air. 

As I drove back home, I recalled an uncle of mine who once told me when I was very young, that the things of God bring peace. Since then, it has always been a litmus test I've defaulted to when I've been faced with difficult decisions, choices, and needed to ascertain what direction to take. I simply ask myself - which decision, perspective, or direction - brings me peace? It has never failed me.

The sea gulls reminded me, that the Divine speaks in my intuitions - and through the many blessings I have been receiving. For all of these, I give thanks!


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