A Thread of Connections

"An invisible thread connects
those who are destined to meet,
regardless of time, place, and circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle.
But it will never break."
~ Old Chinese Proverb

On this cold day, that is also the first day of February, the newness of the year begins to wear off and gives way to the dead of winter. A short snowfall leaves behind a slight covering of snow, that gradually melts.

In this kind of weather, I find it very hard to become motivated to do anything. I am restless, and just can't conjure up any energy.

And yet, when I least expect it, my heart is broken open...

A casual glancing at the recent Costco catalog, which I unconsciously flip through, profiles a book titled An Invisible Thread...

Wanting to know more about the book and its protagonists, I look up the website and watch a video clip from the Today show, telling the wonderful story of a hungry 11 year old panhandler, befriended by a young executive. I will not re-tell the story here, but suffice it to say, a beautiful love story unfolded which has endured for 26 years, and made a family of two initial strangers from different racial and economic backgrounds who profoundly touched each others' lives. Their own connection and love have enabled them to choose to continue to help others...

I thought of special souls who populate the landscape of my own life and how they came into it - in some cases, the connections were almost miraculous. I could have made choices that would not have placed me at the right place and time to meet these treasured souls. I dare not think of what course my life would have taken instead...

Our lives are comprised of a thread of connections - some are improbable - some are destined - some are momentary - some last for lifetimes. It does not matter. Every opportunity gives us a chance to make a connection and perhaps make a profound difference in someone's life. We have all heard such stories over and over again. We never know where a life-changing encounter will take place.

Sometimes, just a smile at the right moment, is all that makes the difference...

We are never truly alone. There are angels everywhere. And more often than not, they come into our lives in the most unexpected of ways, showering us with blessings.

Today, give thanks for your own thread of connections. They are God's blessings to you.



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