Choose Joy

"Choose joy."

No matter the question or the situation - choose joy...

This is the message I received, just a week ago today, when I experienced darshan with Mother Meera for the fourth time in the last few years. The moment I looked into her infinite eyes, it was like gazing deeply into the cosmos and into Eternity. Time stood perfectly still. I sat in my seat and meditated afterwards, feeling her hands still placed on my head, as she continued to purify my soul.

Every opportunity I have darshan with Mother, I receive exactly what I need...

The first two times, my life was tumultuous and I was in such a state of need, but by the third time I had navigated rough waters and left it behind, and so my experience was lighter, more blissful, and joyous...

This time, it was all about joy - feeling joy - embodying joy - becoming joy - and most importantly - I was prompted to share joy...

Everything I read or came across during the course of the week was a reminder to experience and spread joy...

I change the background picture on my laptop and Facebook page and inscribe the caption "Choose Joy" next to beautiful pink magnolias blooming against a radiant blue sky.

This is not to say this is an easy task - for it is truly not.

I am gently reminded to begin and end each day in joy. To choose it. Mindfully.

As I prepare to embark on a journey, I am reminded to take peace and joy with me and to abide there as much as possible.

And if I do this, and I continue to practice it, some day I may forever abide in a state of joy that will spill into the next life. And it will be Endless!

Choose joy!


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