Lessons From a Soul's Journey

I reflect on lessons transmitted to me and hopefully learned, over a two week period of visiting dear ones, but of also journeying more deeply inward.

I walk oceans, grounding my feet - sticking my toes in sand, waves, and foam - and ultimately my soul - deeply breathing in the fresh salt air, which purifies, and bathing in salt water that detoxifies.

I am conscious of the gift of this time, and of all that nature generously offers me.

I share milestones with life long friends, gal pals, and BFF's, and the wisdom garnered from decades of our combined life experiences and ages. I add to these the insights culled from morning walks, and gathered along with shells from the many shorelines I visit.

I marvel at animal visitations, and the messages they leave at my feet, including the gift of numerous feathers.

I culminate the nearly two weeks of my soul's sojourn with Sunday liturgy, and the spiritual nourishment of the Eucharist, ever attentive to the homilist's words, which seemed to have been written for me.

He speaks of the gifts of the second half of life, and the soul's journey. In our later years, we are invited to a deeper and more mystical life that enriches all those who respond to it's call. It is a seamless evolution. But if you must divide your life into two parts, you have not truly walked the way of the mystic, or deepened your spiritual life, for a true mystic eludes self-definition as such.

I long to immerse myself more deeply in this second half of life - earned after all quotidian responsibilities have been met - yearning to be free to embrace life as a Hindu forest dweller - spiritually unencumbered after raising a family and making a living. 

I bask in the acknowledgement and acceptance of knowing what I want - and what I no longer desire - deeply aware of what matters and what is no longer important. I long to release even more accumulations, embracing a simpler, and more joyous existence, and a more zen-like abode.

I walk alongside the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf side, each side offering its unique whisperings into my ears, arising within me as sudden inspirations and insights.

I see more clearly, both spiritually and physically.

I am awed by sunrises and sunsets on two coasts - each one unique and never repeated.

I stop to listen and observe. And imbibe what flows into my heart...

What matters, really doesn't.

What's important, is not significant.

What I need, is really a want.

I can live without practically anything. 

I pack more lightly than I ever have - two weeks worth in one carry on.

I spend two weeks unplugged from the news. From TV. From newspapers. I do not miss them. Not the drama. Or the evil deeds. Not the negativity.

Instead, waves of love, compassion, and healing energy for others floods my heart.

I go to bed early. And rise to meet the dawn.

I am drawn by greater simplicity.

A lack of clutter and simple lines invite me in.

I yearn for greater silence.

I realize I have a reservoir of strength I rarely acknowledge.

I know that everything I need inside of me.

I can do whatever is needed.

Only love matters in this life. Total and unconditional love.

Beauty is everywhere. In the eye of the beholder. It is in my eyes. I choose to no longer be oblivious to it.

On one of my last days, I pause to buy a T shirt. It is blue. It has a pair of flip flops on it, which I have worn  every day on my walks. it read simply: "Life is Good."

What a wonderful mantra. I vow to begin every day, upon waking by being grateful. And then to say out loud:

"Life is good."

Yes it is.


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