What the Ducks Taught Me

I have been watching these ducks at the pond for the last few days, in the crisp morning air.

Sometimes they come closer, and other times they simply glide on by, oblivious to my presence.

A couple of days ago, after my meditation, I watched them for quite some time, and as they came closer, I felt myself merge with them, becoming one with them, and their breathtaking spirits! I was filled with love for them, and it expanded right out of my heart! I felt one with them - they were no longer Other, but a part of me, as I was a part of them.

"You are so beautiful!" I cried out!

"We are ALL beautiful!" I also thought. Yes - every living thing is - if we only take the time to notice it and realize it.

In that moment, there was such a sense of oneness and connection that I experienced, that went beyond these beautiful creatures.

In a world that seems so torn and divided - where just reading the morning headlines can be a virtual assault and vexation, shocking our systems into a nightmarish reality - this simple realization put everything in perspective.

We are all on this planet together. And despite the horrendous captions we may be assaulted with at a "macro" level, the reality is that every day at the "micro" level - ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. They are reaching out and helping neighbors and perfect strangers, paying it forward, sharing, comforting, offering whatever little they have.

Recently I read about a big burly man, filling a shopping cart with stuffed animals to take to hospitalized children. I read requests for those in need, and quickly saw others respond that they would take care of those needs, offering to buy new coats and hats and whatever else might be required.

These are the things that truly matter.

These kinds of stories are our daily reminders that there is so much good occurring in our world in the trenches, in our neighborhoods, in our communities and homes.

Today - and indeed every day - consider that you are one with everyone and everything. What you do for others, is a reflection of that union and of the true state of your heart, and then see if you do not look at the world differently.


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