An Ocean of Secrets

There is so much to write about but there is not enough time right now. For the last couple of days my internet connection has been dicey.

Yesterday I took a boat out to see the whales and we saw three different kinds. We were followed around by about 5 humpback whales - one of them fairly young and playful. It was magnificent to see them and the day was beautiful.

We spend over 4 hours on the water. I enjoyed the wind, the blueness of the water, and was overwhelmed by the vastness of the ocean. I thought of the actress who played the old Rose in the movie version of the Titanic and who stated that: "A woman's heart is a vast ocean of secrets."

We visited Provincetown and the memorial to the pilgrims there. What is often not known is that they landed there first and spent about 5 months there before continuing on to Plymouth. In the museum I was fascinated by an Eskimo kayak made out of animal skin in the 1800's. I certainly couldn't imagine being in one of those!

Today we spent a wonderful day on Martha's Vineyard. The day could not have been more perfect. Unfortunately, tomorrow it is time to return!


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