The Power of Kindness

I was a little apprehensive this morning. I always am when I need to go to the doctor. It is not my favorite thing...

I was due for a 6 month check up with my cardiologist. At our last meeting she wanted me to get all of my numbers in a target range, which I am happy to report, I either met or exceeded. But that is not why I am making this entry...

When I got to the office, the nurse checking me in noted that my referral had expired. I thought it was good for 5 visits. It is - but within a certain time-frame. That, I did not know.

She asked me to call my primary care physician's practice to have it faxed over. The problem is - they require a 24 to 48 hour notice. I called anyway and left my message.

As the time of my appointment drew near, the nurse asked me if I had heard from my doctor's office. I shook my head negatively. So, she called. She spoke very nicely to the person at the other end whom I know to often be - shall we just say - "hard edged."

The nurse gently prodded, saying she understood the rules, but that I was already there, and needed to renew my meds, so re-scheduling was not in my best interest. 

As I listened to the conversation, I could "perceive" a softening at the other end of the receiver. All ended well, with the person agreeing to fax over the referral. I was able to see my doctor promptly.

At the end of my visit, I took a moment to thank this nurse for intervening. I especially thanked her for her kindness, for I believe it was her being persuasive in a kind manner that made all the difference. She connected with me. But most importantly, she connected with the woman in charge of issuing referrals.

I noted how more is achieved with kindness than without, and this wonderful nurse agreed. She told me that she always tries to approach everything with kindness and positivity.

St. Francis de Sales once wrote, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." 

Today I read a graduation speech by George Saunders who wrote that what he regretted most in life were failures of kindness.

Today, I am reminded to be kind - in every opportunity that comes my way.


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